Tuesday, May 19, 2015

waiting for the plumber

Here's something rarely discussed openly: a Bloomberg report about the high death rate in private aircraft. The problem is not simply that many private pilots aren't the best pilots. The problem today is with rich asswipes screaming at their hired pilots to take them anywhere they want to go, 24/7, with little or no warning, fuck the safety regulations.  "In April, NTSB investigators reported the pilots working for billionaire Lewis Katz, who was killed last year when his Gulfstream GIV skidded off a runway, rarely did standard preflight safety checks. In 2001 a chartered jet crashed in Aspen, Colo., killing 18. According to NTSB reports, the passenger who paid for the flight became irate after learning he might miss an airport curfew. That contributed to the pilot’s decision to try landing despite not being able to see the runway, investigators concluded." You will see more like this.

Snappiest line I've ever seen on a tech website: "When we talk about TV, we tend to talk about all of those things all mixed up together like some kind of demonic Venn diagram whose center is a black triskaidecagon of suffering." You got it, sonny. Kill your TV and save yourself. Ha ha.

One of the most horrible nerd-blog hellholes in history: Critical Shit. Read it and your mind will start to go.

Heard about the Nauglers yet? Read this for the best summary. They've been getting away with it partly because Nicole is a very astute Facebook manipulator and blogger, with plenty of supporters. And yes, they're Mormons.

Fuck you, Mr. Letterman. You suck, good riddance.

Insane Artist Corner: I was going to go with Robert DeJesus and his ability to "cute-ify" anything. Then I saw this. (You must log in to see most of it, because it's sick. And I don't mean cool-sick, I mean disgusting and insane sick. He likes to chop women's heads off.)

Monday, May 11, 2015

Save the earth -- eat a locavore

Need another example of the perverse and disgusting nature of California politics and business? Consider what happened to the last slaughterhouse in the SF Bay Area. Hipsters and hippies and filthy-rich tech assholes still want their holistic locavoric grass-fed organic beef, but "not in my backyard".

And said story also mentions what happened when a group of investors tried to start a similar "boutique" meat processing plant way up north in Ukiah, which would have been a better place for it. It was stopped, for petty reasons, principally by this crazy woman.

Doug Henwood is a business blogger who loves to post bad news about the economy -- things the "mainstream" will never admit. This pair of disturbing charts shows what a gigantic waste of money the IT industry really is, and that American productivity is declining in spite of it. I bet Doug gets all kinds of incoherent hate mail from Wall Street pussyboys.

Now this is what all FPS games should be like.

Ever wondered what North Korea's military actually had in the way of hardware? Here's a handy-dandy chart! Yes, it's mostly obsolete Soviet and Chinese ships, aircraft, etc, but there's a lot of it. The Kim family has been buying the cheap shit.

Stupid cop stories? Here, here and here. Always plenty. You should be more afraid of the police than the criminals. And fuck Oklahoma in the ass forever.

(Please stop telling me about Kill The Faggot. Thank you, about 20 people have sent me the link. I got it. And if you must play that stupid game, the link to a free copy is at the bottom of the stupid ED article. Now get lost.)

Monday, May 4, 2015

Why does Chicago suck?

How about this? Works for ya?

And why does Bakersfield suck? Apart from the air pollution and the oil wells and the shitty climate, it might have something to do with the legendarily  corrupt local politics.

As usual, car thieves have figured out ways to crack wireless digital key-fob systems. And as usual, the "experts" are "stumped". And you lazy bastards will pay the ultimate price.

American politics are turning into a bad action movie. Thus.

Yes, asswipes, British politics are controlled by the tabloid press. Especially Rupert Murdoch. I ask again, why is that old fuck not being put up against a wall and shot?

Insane Artist Corner: Ben Riddlebarger. Especially his tacky lamps.

One would hope that LGBT publications, being the mouthpieces of a long-abused and suppressed minority, would be more honest and better in overall quality than the so-called "mainstream". Then one see things like "Man’s Penis Cracks Open After He Injects It With Vaseline, Calls It “The Worst Mistake In My Life!" So much for hope.

And yes, U2 makes you gay ha ha.

Stewart Brand, the elderly hippie nut who brought us the Whole Earth Catalog and later became a "prominent digerati", is now claiming that mankind is not, repeat not, causing a mass extinction of living species. Thank you, Mister Visionary, Amateur Scientist. You've been wrong before. So ram your crystal ball up your ass.

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